Children’s Health Pledge 2019


European Parliament elections: Let´s make the health of children and young adults a European priority!

The 2019 European Parliament elections, which will take place on the 23rd–26th of May, are a crucial opportunity to further promote the need for greater child health support and actions across Europe.

Following our core values and our mission of putting child health higher on the EU agenda, EAP has created The Children’s Health Pledge 2019Our aim is to get as many European Elections candidates as possible to sign the Pledge, thus ensuring the basis for a stronger child health support network in the next European Parliament.

This campaign will run until the 21st of May 2019. The Children’s Health Pledge 2019 will be continuously updated with the names of signatory candidates. 

EAP invites and encourages everyone to share the Pledge with their running candidates, both online and offline, and support EAP’s communications efforts in the coming weeks through the hashtag #EP4ChildHealth.

Quelle: EAP-Website